tags.select Test Start

setCredentials("USERNAME","API KEY"); $Client->setDebug($newdebuglevel); $Client->setSSLVerifyPeer(false); $Client->setSSLVerifyHost(false); $Client->return_type = "phpvals"; //forces return of page.get_one as php values $SiteName = "SITENAME"; ////////////test code ////////////code doesn't include error checking //common example start $siteobj = new WikidotSite($SiteName, $Client); $returnarray = array(); echo "

tags.select example

"; $tcriteria = array(); //change $tcategories array to list categories to get tags $tcategories = array("CATEGORY1", "CATEGORY2", etc...); //change $tpages array to list specific pages to get tags //$tpages can be left blank to list all page tags in the categories $tpages = array(""); //max of ten $tcriteria['categories'] = $tcategories; $tcriteria['pages'] = $tpages; $siteobj->php_tags_select($tcriteria, $returnarray); foreach($returnarray as $key=>$data){ echo $key.": ".$data."
";} ?>